A Rumored Extreme Sports Apple Watch Could Have Bigger Screen, “Sturdy Metal” Case

Apple is working on a version of the Apple Watch for “extreme sports athletes” that will feature a bigger screen and tougher design, according to a report in bloombergMark Gurman. The report states that the Sports model will have a “nearly 2-inch display” with 7 percent more area than the area found on current 45mm watches and will be powered by a larger battery. (Note that the 45mm – or roughly 1.77-inch – measurement refers to the size of the watch’s case, not its screen size.)

Gurman has previously reported a possible rugged Apple Watch, but now the prediction is a little different. He previously said that Apple could make its watch more rigid with a rubberized exterior, which he said was sometimes called the “Explorer Edition” internally. Now, he says the plan is for a watch with a “stronger metal material instead of aluminum” as well as a “more scattering screen.”

Arguably, Apple already makes a watch with a heartier metal and screen — its stainless steel and titanium models have a “sapphire crystal display” than the “Ion-X glass” found on less expensive aluminum models. However, those watches certainly seem to be aimed at people who are more concerned with fashion than with bombing a trail or rock climbing; I’ve heard from owners of the stainless steel version that the polished finish is very easy to scratch.

While the Xtreme Sports version may not look as luxurious as Apple’s more likable watches, Gurman predicts that it will be priced like theirs, adding that they will cost more than the $699 starting price of the current stainless steel model. Is. This isn’t out of the ordinary for a rugged smartwatch—the Garmin Epix 2, for example, retails for about $900, and its Fenix ​​7S models start at $700. But this and other sports watches from brands like Polar or Coros can last for days or even weeks on a single charge, something current Apple Watches aren’t typically capable of. Few Garmin watches even have more great GPS capabilities than Apple’s current wearables.

The current Apple Watch SE pictured here starts at $279 and has an S5 chip, but lacks an always-on display.
Photo by Dan Seifert/The Verge

bloomberg It also reports that Apple is working on a new model of the Apple Watch SE, which is a low-cost device to be released in 2020. It’s not surprising, but it’s good to hear. Apple’s least expensive watch, the $199 Series 3, is seriously out of date for several years, and the company is still selling it, despite the fact that the next version of watchOS won’t support it. Introducing a new SE could give Apple an opportunity to fix the awkward pricing situation at the lower end of its Watch lineup.

The report states that the Rugged Watch, SE and upcoming Series 8 models will all use a new processor whose performance will be similar to this year’s chip. They are also expected to have sensors to take your temperature.

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