Alex Heath, what’s on your desk?

Alex Heath is Deputy Editor ledge Which works with our creators team and covers the social media industry as well as meta more broadly. Covering meta in depth has helped him cover Augmented and Virtual Reality. He is also the co-host of the latest season of land of giantsVox Media’s narrative podcast series on tech giants. This season is, of course, all about the meta.

Tell us about your desk.

My desk is a Blue Dot stash desk in a walnut and putty gray finish. I’ve had it for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I keep it in the home office that I share with my wife.

A minimal set of desk gear.

Now tell us about your chair.

I had never worked in a decent office chair until I realized in 2019 that I would be working from home for the foreseeable future. I opted for the Herman Miller Setu chair, which strikes the perfect balance of function, comfort and sleek design for me.

Naturally, we want to know about the technology you are using: computer, monitor, etc.

I’m pretty minimalist with my desk gear. My work computer is a 2020 MacBook Air. My desktop monitor is a 24-inch Dell UltraSharp U2415. I love it, but I plan to upgrade to a 4K or ultrawide monitor in the near future.

My external webcam is made by NexiGo. It captures at 1080p and has a built-in ring light which I wish was brighter and never used. I’m also looking for a better webcam and lighting because the room where my desk is in doesn’t get very good lighting at the angle I’m facing.

Since I started co-hosting the podcast land of giants This year, I’ve connected OWC’s Thunderbolt 3 Dock to connect to my Electro-Voice RE27N/D microphone. It’s attached to a stage rocker low-profile stand, which works, but isn’t very conducive to my desk setup because its back is quite tall and back into the wall. The mic is plugged into the Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface, which is very easy to use for an audio novice like me.

I am using two huanuo monitor stand risers for my macbook and dell monitors. I like them because they can be easily carried and the height is adjustable. They are also minimal.

My keyboard and mouse is really straightforward: an Apple Magic Keyboard and Black Magic Mouse. I have bigger hands and probably need to upgrade to a full sized keyboard with a number pad. The mousepad is made by Ktrio.

I almost always have Apple’s AirPods Pro or Max headphones on all day, either for taking calls or listening to music.

apple airpods max

Apple’s AirPods Max have exemplary build quality, sound phenomenal, and have the best of noise cancellation.

You have a smaller workspace than many of your colleagues. Do you think this is an issue?

Not necessary. I keep my desk surface relatively clean, and in general try to keep any peripheral gear or items (cables, business cards, etc.) I’ve tried adopting the less plus virtue with my office setting, and I’ve found it suits me well. Since I share an office space with my wife, I am often making calls in other rooms or on the patio. If one of us has a bunch of Zoom meetings, the other will go to another room and do a little work. When you are working from home it is good to change your physical location throughout the day.

audio interface under monitor stand

A solid audio setup for a podcast.


Electro-voice mic attached to a low-profile stand.

superman heroclicks

A Superman Heroclicks from College.

There’s something special about the statue on your monitor stand, or do you prefer Superman?

I am not very emotional. That said, Superman was my favorite superhero growing up, and for some reason I’ve captured this heroic I found early in college. It doesn’t have a deeper meaning than that!

I love the “early hour” poster!

Thank you! I do too. All credit to my wife, Chloe. This is a tea towel designed by David Shrigley.

on the wall

Framed tea towel announces opening time.

Photography by Alex Heath / The Verge

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