All the best trailers of SDCC 2022

Comic-Con is a busy event, and that’s true, even if you’re trying to follow along from home. There are so many panels and announcements that it can be difficult to see everything. That was certainly true of this year’s edition. Despite some noticeable absence—but there was no actual news Separation Season 2, Sadly – It Still Contains Everything From a Reveal Dungeons & Dragons Film for an in-depth look at Amazon’s take on Lord of the Rings, we got something too star wars Casting news, info on Marvel’s animated slate, timeline for Phase 5 (and Phase 6) of the MCU, confirmation of a new brave series, and oh so many zombies.

But the funniest part is the trailer – and we’ve collected the best here for you to catch up on.

John Wick 4

Mr Vic is back for the fourth time, and the first trailer for John Wick 4 (or possibly just John Wick – The title is ambiguous) indicating that the professional hitman has not lost a step. However, you will have to wait a while to see it, as it is not due until March 2023. In other Keanu Reeves news, Netflix also confirmed production on that two-season-long anime BRZRKRWhich will star Reeves, the famous anime studio production IG. has started in

Shazam! fury of the gods

Possibly the dumbest superhero returns with a blockbuster fury of the godsWhich has an amazing new villain and is expected to hit the theaters just in time for Christmas.

black adam

Elsewhere in the DC universe, we also got another glimpse black adam, which sees Dwayne Johnson as “one with the almighty powers of the ancient gods” who has to choose whether to use them for good or evil. (It certainly sounds like he chooses evil.) It’s coming to theaters on October 21.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Amazon can’t stop showing off its big-budget rendition of Middle-earth, and the SDCC trailer dives into both beautiful vistas and dark battles in the latest Lord of the Rings Customization. The series is set to debut on Prime Video in September.

she hulk

Marvel kicks off its live-action presentation with a long look she hulkIts next major MCU series, which seeks to bring a more light-hearted tone to the MCU, hits Disney Plus on August 17.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Perhaps the most poignant of all Comic-Con this year was its first look at the trailer Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverWhich is coming to theaters in November. The first clip from the film features a first look at Atlantis and a tease of Black Panther next.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

D&D Cosmos gets some star power in first trailer honor among thieves, There’s a lot in the clip D&D Staples and, at the very least, it looks like everyone is having a lot of fun. It will be in theaters next March.

Star Trek: Picard

, There was a lot of news about star trek At Comic-Con. In addition to a new nostalgia-filled trailer for Season 3 PicardWe also learned about a surprising crossover in the middle strange new world And lower deck,

National Treasure: The Edge of History

A teaser in the strongest sense of the word, our first look National treasure The spinoff on Disney Plus is mostly a chance to see new star Lysette Oliveira in costume. The series has no premiere date, but is expected to end “soon”.

Teen Wolf: The Movie

teen wolf The film picks up where the 2011 series left off, and while it doesn’t have a release date yet, it is expected to start streaming on Paramount Plus soon.

dragon house

it technically started just before Comic-Con, but it’s still worth revisiting if only to get another peek at those blonde wigs. The series is coming to HBO in August.

the Sandman

Netflix reveals our best look yet the Sandman, the streaming service’s ambitious adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s iconic graphic novel. The streaming of the series is starting from August 5.

I’m Groot

Groot may not have much to say, but he’ll still star in a series of five animated shorts that will arrive on Disney Plus on August 10 — and the first trailer for the collection debuted at SDCC.

Marvel’s Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur

Marvel shows off its first proper look at the adorable Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurWhich is expected to come to both Disney Channel and Disney Plus sometime in 2023.

tales of the walking dead And… the walking dead

yet another Walking Dead The show is rocking our way: The tales of the walking dead follows six different characters through the land of the undead and premieres on AMC on August 14th. Not enough zombies? Well, we also have the final trailer for the main Walking Dead The series, which returns on October 2, And Another spinoff confirmed coming in 2023.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

newest Dragon Ball Theatrical release is very soon, with a North American debut on August 19th — and the new trailer gives fans a sense of the action-packed spectacle they can expect.


Wild A horror film, it looks like it will tap into the fears of everyone who’s ever been to an Airbnb. It will be in cinemas on 9 September.

little demon

There Are Too Many Adult Comedy Animated Series Right Now, And Why little demon More importantly, it casts Danny DeVito as the devil, which seems like an inspired choice. It will be streaming on Hulu from August 25.

dragon prince

Netflix confirmed that . fourth season of dragon prince It was on the way earlier this year, and at Comic-Con, the company revealed a new clip that shows a more interesting story. Season 4 dragon prince Streaming will start from November.

interview with the devil

AMC shows its stand on Anne Rice interview with the devil, a new series starring Jacob Anderson, Sam Reid, Bailey Bass and Eric Bogosian. It will premiere on October 2.


Apple TV Plus’ third (and final) season See Coming next month, and the Comic-Con trailer focuses on a new and devastating weapon that could completely shape its post-apocalyptic future. Streaming of Season 3 will start from 26th August.

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