Amazon names new retail CEO

Amazon has named a new CEO of its retail arm just weeks after the previous CEO announced his resignation. Company vet Doug Harrington, 17, is set to become CEO of Amazon’s worldwide store business, Amazon leader Andy Jesse announced in an email posted to the company’s website.

As noted in Jassi’s email, Harrington has a lot of experience in Amazon’s consumer business; “Harrington joined the company in 2005 to build out our consumables business, launched AmazonFresh in 2007, and in 2015, led our all-North American consumer business,” Jesse wrote.

But he will have a tough road ahead, as Amazon’s growth has slowed during the pandemic, and according to recent wall street journal According to the report, Jassi has spent a lot of time in resolving issues related to the retail and logistics operations of the company. There’s one bright spot in the short term, though: It looks like the company will have another banner day of deals with the upcoming Prime Day in July.

Harrington follows Dave Clark, who announced his resignation on June 3. Clarke’s resignation will be effective from July 1. He will take over as CEO at supply chain software maker Flexport on September 1.

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