Anyone Can Now Share Twitter Space Clips on iOS and Android

A new feature that lets you extract a short audio clip from the Twitter space is releasing widely on iOS and Android, Twitter announced, Anyone in Space can create a clip, which expires after 30 days. Although the feature is not currently available to Twitter web users, the platform says support is “on the way.”

Clips is designed to make the content of Twitter’s Live Audio feature more easily shareable across the platform, by serving up the best bits of an audio livestream without having to sit through the whole thing for listeners.

The wider rollout of the feature follows more limited testing that began in March. At the time, the ability to clip a space was only available to a small number of users on iOS, and even then it was limited to the host of a space, rather than any participant. Now that the feature is widely available to listeners, which is essentially far enough away from hosts, it looks like we’ll start seeing a lot more viral space clips on Twitter.

Twitter is just the latest company to extend support for Clips to encourage people to share content on its platform. Clips from Twitch streams are probably the most popular example, but Amazon lets you share clips from some of its shows on Prime Video, and YouTube has announced similar functionality in the past. With so much free content available to stream, clips like these give you a useful teaser without having to commit to watching a lengthy video or livestream.

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