Apple’s entry-level MacBook Pro M2 has slower SSD speeds than its M1 counterpart

Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 base model appears to have slower SSD speeds than its M1 predecessor. MacRumors Reports that YouTubers Max Tech and Created Tech have both tested the 256GB base M2 model and found that the SSD’s read speed is about 50 percent slower than the M1 MacBook Pro with 256GB of storage. The write speed is reportedly about 30 percent slower.

The test was completed using Blackmagic’s Disk Speed ​​Test app, and Max Tech also disassembled the 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro and found that Apple was using only one NAND flash storage chip. The M1 MacBook Pro uses two 128GB NAND chips, and multiple chips can run in parallel enabling faster SSD speeds.

Other 13-inch m2 MacBook Pro models with larger SSD storage don’t suffer from slow SSD speeds. Another YouTuber ran tests with the 512GB M2 model and found speeds similar to the M1 version, and most reviewers preferred with the faster 1TB model and found no speed issues.

If SSD speed is an issue for you on the base 13-inch MacBook Pro, you’ll need to spend an additional $200 for the faster 512GB model. But if you’re willing to do so, you’ll want to wait and see what’s inside the new MacBook Air. The base model will also cost a little less than $1,199, but if it has slower SSD speeds there’s a similarly priced $1,499 512GB model that will likely have two NAND chips. Unlike the M2 MacBook Pro, the M2 MacBook Air also gets a major redesign — including new colors, a bigger display, a 1080p webcam, and MagSafe charging.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment on the SSD changes to the MacBook Pro, and we’ll update you accordingly if we ever hear back.

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