Burger King accidentally emailed everyone a blank receipt

Burger King just emailed thousands or even millions of customers with a blank order email receipt. Blank emails started appearing at around 12:15 AM ET, leaving Burger King customers confused as to whether the company had been breached by a hungry hacker attempting a midnight feast, or if the email was simply a giant of a mistake. Whoppers are.

Twitter users were quick to turn to the social network in confusion over the blank email, with some even receiving two Burger King emails in an apparent double hopper of mistake. The order emails are completely blank, and were sent by Burger King’s main promotional marketing email address.

Blank order receipt from Burger King.
Screenshot by Tom Warren / The Verge

There’s no clear indication that Burger King has been breached, and we’ve reached out to the company to explain these random midnight burger emails. A lot of people receiving the email don’t even remember creating a Burger King account, so it could just be a system change that went wrong and destroyed empty orders for Burger King’s entire marketing database.

Anyhow, once we hear back from the house of Whopper email, we’ll update you accordingly.

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