Contact Readers, Here’s an Invitation to Buy an Opel C1 Webcam

It was wishful thinking that the Opel C1 would be discounted for Amazon Prime Day. it is not, but opal is giving ledge Readers next best thing: an invitation to buy one. You can bypass Opel’s invite-only system right now by using the code Opel Verte, Click “Reserves” at the top of Opel’s purchase page, then click “Buy with Invitation” to enter the invite code. From there, you’ll be able to enter the code, then buy a black or white Opel C1 quickly and easily without having to wait for an invite to arrive in your inbox.

The Opel C1 is a great webcam I recommend for anyone who cares about looking good during video calls. While pricier than most webcams at $300, it offers macOS users a lot of value out of the box in terms of providing a great picture that rivals a DSLR. I wrote a review for it last year, and our team made the video above to show it in action.

Photo by Cameron Faulkner/The Verge

Buying an Opel C1 now entitles you to complementary lifetime access to Opel Vision, its growing platform of features. Currently, the Opel C1 works best with a full macOS computer with its own beta software (keep in mind that, yes, you are buying a product that still runs on beta software).

Opel told me in 2021 that it intends to roll out Windows support this year. It hasn’t done that yet, though that hasn’t stopped me from being okay with plugging it into my Windows desktop. It doesn’t have any configurable software yet, but it still displays a pretty good picture.

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