Destiny 2 arrives with a free 30th Anniversary Pack on the Epic Games Store

fate 2 Coming to the Epic Games Store today. The latest expansion to Bungie’s robber shooter comes just as Epic and Bungie make a special announcement fate 2 And fortnite Crossovers that will include skins, maps and more. Epic Games Store expansion will also be seen fate 2The recent 30th anniversary of the game is free on the Epic Games Store.

Bungie will also make witch queen, beyond the lightand other DLC all available for one week free fate 2 Forum. Stadia, Xbox, PlayStation and PC players will all be able to access previous DLC for the week to coincide with the Epic Games Store launch.

Bungie’s move to the Epic Games Store is part of a wider expansion fate 2 on digital game stores and platforms. fate 2 Originally debuted on in 2017 before moving to Steam in 2019, and it also launched on the Microsoft Store last year.

Bungie announced earlier this year that fate 2 Sony will stay on the existing platform as part of its acquisition of the studio and will also “expand to new platforms”. We are still waiting to hear whether fate 2 One day it may appear on the Nintendo Switch via cloud gaming or if Bungie eventually plans to allow Steam deck owners to access the game instead of the threat of a ban.

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