Google brought back the timer, and it’s about time

Google’s handy timer and stopwatch that you can use straight from Search is back. The devices have been unavailable for weeks, but Google public search contact Danny Sullivan announced the timer is back in a tweet on Wednesday,

To use the timer, simply type “set timer for” [however long you need]”, and the top result will be a timer that automatically starts the countdown. If you want to edit the timer, click on the numbers that count down. To use Stopwatch, Google “stopwatch” and click the “Start” button on the box that appears. You can also tab back and forth between the timer and stopwatch if one of them is already appearing in your search results.

Google introduces first timer and stopwatch in 2013, but reports indicate that they disappeared from search results sometime in mid-July. On August 1, Sullivan confirmed a tweet to ledge That they were unavailable due to an “issue” and that the team hoped to bring them back “quite soon”. Now that they’re back, you can time things once again to your heart’s content.

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