Google Search’s built-in timer has disappeared and no one is saying why

Until recently, one of the most convenient ways to set a timer was simply to search for one on Google. Punch in a query like “10 minute timer” and, hey presto, you’ll get a ten minute timer. But last month there were reports that the feature had disappeared from Google without any warning. SEroundtable Was among the first to cover the missing timer on July 20, citing tweets around 18 July,

Although there is a lack of timers elsewhere on the web (or provided as a stock app on iOS and Android) Google’s built-in version was a simple, accessible alternative. And, as well as the timer, there was also a stopwatch feature built into the same widget for when you need to count down instead of down. This feature dates back to almost a decade ago, which was introduced in 2013.

Google has not yet formally approved the removal of this feature, so it could be that an accidental bug caused it to disappear. Google’s public search liaison Danny Sullivan was the first to say he would look into the issue on 21st JulyAnd about a week later on 27 July said that the team “Still checking on that.“If its disappearance is a bug, it is one that could prove difficult to squash. A Google spokesperson did not immediately return. of the Verge Comment request.

Deliberately removing this feature would be an odd move for Google, given that it has natively built more features into its search results page over the past decade. What started as a simple list of hyperlinks now includes everything from rich snippets to a dedicated box for news stories, and even more exclusive features like a built-in price comparison tool for airplane flights. None of this seems to be going anywhere.

And, in case you’re wondering, Google Search’s built-in metronome is still alive and ticking, thank goodness.

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