HBO Max removes 200 Sesame Street episodes from its catalog

In potentially devastating news for children and parents, nearly 200 episodes of Sesame Street Has been removed from HBO Max, Diversity Report. Many of the episodes dropped are from the show’s early seasons, and the number of Sesame Street Episodes on the service have dropped from about 650 to 456, according to Diversity.

HBO and Sesame Street have been associated for years; WarnerMedia (now Warner Bros. Discovery) closed in 2019 in a huge five-year deal to exclusively stream new episodes of the show, and Sesame Street First began airing on HBO in 2016.

,Sesame Street HBO Max spokesman Chris Willard said in a statement, “It has always been an important part of television culture and the crown jewel of our preschool offering.” ledge, “We are committed to continuing to bring Sesame Street In Houses of Families, which includes the latest season to premiere this fall and nearly 400 episodes of the most current and historic season ever to air on Cartoonito on HBO Max.

, old episodes of Sesame Street It’s not the only shows that are being pulled; According to NPR, Warner Bros. Discovery is also planning to remove 36 titles from HBO Max. which includes some Sesame Street Specials and late-night shows starring Elmo, as well as HBO Max Originals like infinity train And summer camp island,

“As we work to bring our content catalog under one platform, we will transition to the content offering available on both HBO Max and Discovery Plus,” HBO Max said in a statement. Diversity In relation to the decision to pull 36 shows. “This would include the removal of certain content from both platforms.” The new app is set to launch next summer, replacing HBO Max and Discovery Plus.

Warner Bros. is dropping Discovery content left and right; it has recently been postponed bat girl And took at least six Warner Bros. movies from HBO Max. Earlier this week, the company cut jobs at HBO Max due to overlap with the Warner Bros. Discovery megamerger.

Update Aug 19, 5:58 PM ET: Added statement from HBO Max.

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