Here’s How to Turn Off Twitter’s Weird New Fresh Sound

Recently, Twitter users noticed that the app started making a new sound — a robotic chirping sound made when you pull down to refresh your timeline, notifications, DMs, or more in the official app. Who looks like a bird of the future or a frog. The sound is polarizing – some people are mesmerized by it, while others hate it.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to make sure you won’t hear it, which I’ll cover in this article.

set your phone on silent

The first is surprisingly simple: turning your phone to silent mode doesn’t play a sound, according to my tests. On iPhones, this means flipping the ringer switch on the left side of the phone above the volume buttons so that the switch is closer to the back of the phone.

It doesn’t appear that the pull-to-refresh sound has been rolled out on every Android phone (and in fact, it appears to be a different sound). If you have it, you can usually silence your ringer via the menu that appears after you use the volume buttons, or by going into Settings and setting your phone to vibrate or mute. does.

Samsung’s current interface for managing volume – turning the third slider all the way down makes your phone vibrate, silencing the refreshing Twitter noise.

Setting the Pixel 2 to vibrate, then silence.

turn off twitter sound effects

Of course, if you want your phone to make other noises, like when you get a call or text, muting your phone isn’t an ideal solution. The good news is that Twitter spokesman Trenton Kennedy shared a video on Wednesday Showing an option in the Twitter app that lets you turn off the sound.

On iOS, you can access this by going to the Twitter app and tapping on your profile picture in the top left. then go to Settings and Privacy , Accessibility, performance and languages , performance and sound, Under the Sound heading, toggle sound effects off.

The iOS (left) and Android (right) versions of the Twitter app have toggle sound effects.

In the Android version of the app, the menus have slightly different labels and options. In the Twitter app, go to Settings and Privacy , Accessibility, performance and languages , showand toggle sound effects off.

After you turn the toggle off, you shouldn’t hear a sound when you refresh a page. Although, in theory, this would turn off other sound effects in the app, I wasn’t able to find any key ones played when the toggle was turned on, other than pull-to-refresh.

Enjoy your silent refresh!

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