House of the Dragon premiere crashes HBO Max streaming, mostly on Fire Sticks

Aside from unreleased and disappearing content, there have been a lot of complaints about the HBO Max streaming app since its launch. Still, they have generally held up well to the pressure of the premiere for this kind of material. principle, wonder woman, the matrixeither done byBut for HBO a . like nothing can be game of Thrones premiere.

The show’s spinoff starts tonight, dragon houseHBO Max’s inside is the first taste of a new GOT experience, and while many people have been trying to stream premiere episodes, watching without any problems, others said the app crashed on them, or pre-ordered them. -The trailer once froze after the show teaser.

Based on reports seen on Twitter, Reddit, and elsewhere, it appears that most of the people who are having problems are using the Amazon Fire TV platform or Fire Stick. It’s not clear why that app, in particular, would cause problems, but if you’re using it and you can’t see, you might want to try switching if you want to see all of the Targaryens. Can’t wait If this is your main streaming device, another piece of advice people have reported success with is to create a new profile.

in a statement emailed to ledge, HBO’s Chris Willard said, “dragon house This evening successfully watched by millions of HBO Max subscribers. We are aware of a small portion of users trying to connect via Fire TV devices that are having issues and are in the process of resolving those affected users.

Whatever the problem, don’t expect to see this repeat in future seasons—by next year, they’ll have a new app anyway.

Update Aug. 21, 10:40 PM ET: Updated with statement from HBO.

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