Hyundai N’s ‘Rolling Labs’ envisions performance EVs that aren’t so boring

Hyundai’s attempt to keep the car culture alive with two of its performance-focused electric vehicle (EV) concepts it calls a “rolling lab.” The RN22e has a modified Ioniq 6 body, and the N Vision 74 is modeled after the never-released 1974 Pony Coupe concept—but both have a refreshingly sporty design that looks like some sort of futuristic pod (or, well doesn’t look like). , this thing,

The two concepts come from Hyundai’s “N” sub-brand, which focuses on high-performance vehicles. The N Vision 74 is the most attractive of the two, and features a design that draws elements from the 2025 Hyundai N Vision Gran Turismo and the 1974 Pony Coupe concept that was originally designed by the iconic Giorgetto Giugiaro – the same man who drove Gone DMC Make DeLorean.

But this iteration swaps the gas-powered engine for a hybrid hydrogen fuel cell system capable of pushing the car over 250 kilometers per hour (155 mph). There’s also a 62.4 kWh battery with 800V fast charging capabilities, as well as a driving range of over 372-miles.

However, this is not Hyundai’s first attempt to make a model EV after the pony. In 2019, Hyundai showed off a 45 EV concept that is supposed to pay homage to the classic car (but doesn’t really do it justice in my opinion). Hyundai later converted the ’70s pony hatchback into an EV and equipped it with a slew of cool retro-meets-modern elements.

The RN22e isn’t as flashy as the N Vision 74, but it’s still pretty sleek. It uses a similar aerodynamic streamliner design to the Ioniq 6 that the company introduced last week, allowing for more efficient performance. According to Hyundai, the RN22e has a 77.4kWh battery with 400 or 800V fast multi-charging capability, along with a top speed of over 250kph (155mph). And if you want what Hyundai describes as an “emotional driving experience,” you can take advantage of the RN22e’s N Sound Plus feature that generates simulated engine sounds as you drive.

Hyundai has been launching some impressive concept cars lately, like this badass EV restmod. We don’t know if any of these concepts will make it out the factory doors, but at least we know That Hyundai N is releasing its first EV, the Ioniq 5 N, in 2023.

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