iPads may lose their Smart Home Hub capabilities in iOS 16

Apple will no longer let you use the iPad as a Home Hub to control HomeKit accessories starting with iOS 16, MacRumors Report. Clearly Text Found in iOS 16’s Second Developer Beta MacRumors Contributing writer Steve Moser explained the change.

The Home app reportedly reads, “A Home Hub is required to take advantage of features such as receiving accessory notifications and allowing other people to control your home.” “You won’t be able to see shared homes until those homes are also upgraded to the latest HomeKit. The iPad will no longer be supported as a Home Hub.”

If the change takes effect as the found text suggests, it means you’ll need to use the HomePod, HomePod Mini, or Apple TV as your Home Hub when you upgrade to iOS 16. Apple did not immediately respond to the request. Comment. but as MacRumors Points out, the company’s iOS 16 preview webpage says that “only Apple TV and HomePod are supported as Home Hub,” which indicates to me that Apple is indeed planning to remove support for the iPad.

While the change may be disappointing, there is some good news on the smart home front for iOS 16. The update will include a new Home app with a new category section and a redesigned Home tab. And a later iOS 16 update will add support for Matter, the new smart home connectivity standard with broad industry support that’s set to arrive sometime this fall. That upcoming Miter support may provide a clue as to why Apple is dropping iPad Home Hub support: While no iPad supports Thread, a smart home networking protocol used by Mater, the Apple TV 4K and HomePod mini.

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