Mark Zuckerberg responds to Metaverse memes

Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg posted a screenshot of his digital avatar standing in front of the Eiffel Tower and I think La Sagrada Familia as a way to announce that Horizon World will launch in France and Spain. Had been. Unfortunately for him, the Internet more or less immediately started pull And meme-ifying Screenshot of a virtual reality platform – possibly because the graphics were, As described by a Twitter userThe Teletubbies game equivalent for PlayStation One.

Zuckerberg has clearly seen the memes and wanted to let you know that Meta is working on the graphics. On Friday, he posted some new screenshots on Facebook and Instagram, showing a much more life-like version of himself and a pristine-looking plaza. “Major updates to Horizon and Avatar graphics are coming soon,” he said, promising to share more details at the upcoming Connect conference. Meta spokesman Peter Gray told ledge That company had no news to share as to when it would happen, but last year’s event took place in October.

The original post, which started this whole thing.
Image: Mark Zuckerberg

I’ll admit it looks much better.
Image: Mark Zuckerberg

As for the original screenshot, he admitted that it’s not flattering at all. “I know the picture I posted earlier this week was very basic – it was taken too early to celebrate the launch. The graphics in Horizon are capable of a lot – even Even on headsets,” he said. Personally, though, if my company is sinking billions into a digital world that many people aren’t exactly sold on, I’d probably avoid posting quick-and-dirty screenshots of it — especially If I just announce the $100 price tag of Quest 2, that makes accessing said VR experience significantly more expensive. But that’s just me.

Meta isn’t the only one promising better graphics in an effort to entice people to join its metaverse. Last month, Roblox announced that it was updating its traditionally blocky and low-resolution graphics as well, and its product chief Josh Annon said its ultimate goal was to “replicate the real world” in an interview with manners,

Ultimately, though, the graphics are secondary to what you do with them. Even if Meta’s new update to Horizon upgrades the visuals to a level like, fortnite, it won’t matter unless there is something interesting to see in its virtual world. that point is fully illustrated this tweet Dunking on Zuckerberg’s original post:

Update August 19th, 6:23PM ET: Added comment from meta about the timing of the Connect conference.

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