Netflix is ​​acquiring the animation studio behind The Lego Movie

Netflix plans to acquire animation studio Animal Logic, known for making hits like happy Feet And the LEGO movieThe streaming company made the announcement on Tuesday along with its Q2 2022 earnings.

“Today, we announced that we will acquire Animal Logic, the leading animation studio with ~800 amazing people in Sydney and Vancouver, to help us accelerate the development of our animation production capabilities and reinforce our commitment to creating world-class animation. studio,” Netflix wrote in its Q2 2022 shareholder letter (PDF).

The two companies are already partnering magician’s elephant (scheduled for release in 2023) and Ron Howard’s first animated film, shrinking treehorn, According to a press release, the acquisition is expected to close this year.

Netflix continues to produce its own animated programming, including the recently announced series based on exploding kittens Card game that is scheduled for next year. But in May, it also laid off 70 part-time jobs at its animation studio and dropped some animated projects, Diversity informed of.

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