Netflix’s ad-supported tier may contain some commercial-free content

Ads can’t show on Netflix’s upcoming ad-supported tier All Content included in the affordable subscription plan. a report from bloomberg suggests that Netflix may cut commercials for new original movies, as well as some children’s shows.

According to bloombergNetflix may not run ads during original movies when they are first released, and will instead put ads at a later date. It’s still too early to tell how long Netflix will show a new movie without commercials, but as noted bloombergThe decision may help allay some of the concerns filmmakers may have about ads distracting from their work.

Netflix’s original kids programming will also reportedly get the ad-free treatment — just like Disney Plus is planning to do with its upcoming ad-supported tier — and the same can go for content produced by outside studios. . as indicated by bloombergSome studios may not allow Netflix to run ads during certain periods and shows or movies licensed to the company, but Netflix can achieve this by running ads before or after the program.

According to bloombergAs of now, Netflix has some content licenses that may not cover the performance of a certain movie or movie with commercials. As a result, Netflix “could pay anywhere between 10 and 15 percent of the current value of the deals to secure the rights.” Netflix did not immediately respond ledgeComment request.

Netflix confirmed it plans to launch a new ad-supported tier month after it reported a loss in subscribers for the first time in more than a decade. Since then, details about Netflix’s new plan, which is due to arrive in early 2023, have slowly trickled down.

In July, Microsoft announced that it was partnering with Netflix to provide the infrastructure that powers an ad-supported tier of streamers. Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos later said that the ad-supported tier would not contain all the content that Netflix currently offers at launch. It probably won’t let you download any movies or TV shows for offline viewing, as indicated by the code in the Netflix app.

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