New emoji for iOS and Android include high fives and moving faces

World Emoji Day is on Sunday, so that means we’re getting a preview of the emoji that will eventually come to iOS and Android. While designs will vary per platform, emojipedia There is a draft list and sample images for Emoji 15.0. The Unicode Consortium has only 31 draft emojis this year, which are likely to be rolled out in 2022 and 2023. While the draft emoji may change between now and being finalized in September, most (if not all) will make it through. Contenders include a trembling face and the much-needed high five and wireless emoji.

The shaking face emoji will be used primarily for the shock reaction, or it may become the official earthquake emoji due to features such as vibration. whereas people often use As the folded hands emoji high five, we’re getting an official one this year. The right hand and the left pushing hand will both act as a way to refuse something, or a high five when used together. The perfect response is if your boss asks you to do something, and then you can innocently claim that you’re just doing high fives like a true professional.

We’re finally getting a wireless emoji too. Surprisingly, there is no Wi-Fi emoji right now, so everyone had to use the Antenna Bars emoji, which is designed to mimic a mobile signal. Wireless Emoji will save all Wi-Fi lovers. If you’ve been waiting for the pink heart emoji, it’s also coming later this year.

The draft emoji list also includes a range of animals.
Image: Emojipedia

It wouldn’t be an emoji update without some new animals and plants. Emoji 15 includes new mammals, birds, and even a jellyfish emoji that no one wants to find on the beach. This year we are getting a moose face, a donkey, a black bird, a swan and a feather. Hyacinth, ginger, and pea pods are also on the way.

Latin music fans will be happy to hear that maracas will appear as an emoji later this year on iOS and Android. And if you were forced to play the recorder or flute at a young age, a flute emoji is coming to relive your childhood memories.

There are a total of 31 recommended emoji for Emoji 15, which is significantly lower than last year’s 112 recommendations and 334 in 2020. It’s called Emojipedia.

The list will not be finalized by the Unicode Consortium until September, but most draft candidates are generally accepted. ledgeK’s own Jay Peters has previously contributed proposals for the salami face, bubbles, yawning face and waffle emoji. You can read about the journey of creating emoji here.

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