Netflix is ​​working on gamertags

Netflix is ​​testing gamertag-style handles that users can create and publicly display across a selection of mobile games, as first spotted by mobile developer Steve Moser (via) . techcrunchThis should let members identify and invite other users to play games based on their handles, as well as see where they rank on the leaderboard. I … Read more

PSA: Bandcamp Fridays Are Coming Back

Bandcamp is bringing back its Bandcamp Friday promotion, where it waives the deduction of any money you spend on buying music from artists or their labels. Historically, the company ran promotions on the first Friday of every month, and it appears to be the same this time around. According to its update page, it has … Read more

Twitter Shopping features at high risk of “personal or social harm” according to leaked memo

According to an internal memo sent to a team of Twitter employees, shopping features on Twitter pose a content moderation risk and could be used “in a manner that may lead to personal or social harm.” Memorandum, a part of which was received by ledgeAccording to a knowledgeable person, a group of Twitter employees from … Read more

Horizon’s VP of Meta is leaving the company

Meta’s Vivek Sharma, VP of the company’s own Horizon Social VR platform, is leaving the company, as reported Reuters, META spokesperson Brian Pope confirms Sharma’s departure ledge And that Sharma is going to pursue an unrelated career opportunity. Sharma’s departure for Horizon is happening at a strange time. The Metaverse is a huge bet for … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg will not be deposed in the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg were in line to submit hours in response to a lawsuit over the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal, but that won’t happen now — the company has reached a settlement agreement with the plaintiffs. As previously reported by Reuters, a court filing reveals that the parties have reached … Read more