Report: Exec Who Runs Texas Tesla Factory Is Being Investigated for Faux Glass

Tesla executive Omed Afsher, tasked with overseeing operations at the company’s Texas factory, is the subject of an internal investigation over a purchase of glass reportedly deemed “suspicious.” bloomberg, Sources close to the situation told bloomberg Before Tesla splits completely from the company, Afsher will go on a leave of absence.

Afsher reportedly placed an order for a “special” type of glass that’s not so easy to buy amid supply chain constraints, and told employees it was for a “secret project”. According to bloombergTesla’s finance department cleared the Glass purchase earlier this year, prompting an internal investigation led by Tesla’s legal chief David Searle.

Although investigators are still not sure whether the glass was for Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s personal use, bloomberg Note that some of the employees involved in the incident have already been fired. The situation also calls into question whether Afscher used Tesla’s economic position to seize Glass.

On his LinkedIn profile, Afshar said he has worked for “the CEO’s office at Tesla” since 2017. He substitutes the cowboy hat emoji in place of his current job title at the company, possibly alluding to his role in construction and management. Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory. Since beginning at the company, Afshar has worked closely with Musk. Information Going so far as to describe him as Musk’s “right-hander”.

The news of Afshar’s possible termination came after the departure of Tesla’s AI head Lady Karpathy. It comes at a particularly turbulent time for Tesla (and basically every other Musk-owned company), as Twitter attempted to force Musk into its initial $44 billion deal to buy the social platform.

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