Save $50 on the Latest Apple TV 4K Streaming Box

Here’s to another week of deals ledgeAnd we’ve got everything from some of the best hits to some of the funniest niches.

First up, the Apple TV 4K Streaming Box with 32GB of storage is available at Best Buy and Amazon for its constant selling price of $129.99. During Amazon Prime Day, it dropped to $119.99, but if you missed that sale, it’s still an excellent price. It supports 4K resolution, as its name implies, and has plenty of top specs to enhance its performance – HDR support, HDMI 2.1, and Wi-Fi 6. While one of the standout features of the latest Apple TV 4K that Apple has finally fixed is its awesome remote design, it also includes an A12 Bionic processor for faster performance. You can get a decent streaming device for under $100, but the Apple TV 4K is a great premium option that’s a little more future-proof. read our review,

Apple TV 4K (2021, 32GB)

The latest Apple TV 4K has an A12 Bionic processor and has fast performance with HDMI 2.1, Wi-Fi 6, and Thread support.

The king is dead, long live the king! It took almost two years, but the M1 MacBook Air has been decimated from our list of best laptops. Unsurprisingly, it was the redesigned M2 MacBook Air to be resilient. The M1 MacBook Air still comes highly recommended, however, as its affordable price makes it feel like the new Monarch has no clothesline (or at least, the new Monarch leaves fewer dollars in your pocket—it’s for sure). Is).

How cheap is the M1 though? The M1 MacBook Air is currently available on Amazon for $899.99 in Silver or Gold base with 256GB of storage. That’s $100 less than its regular price and about $299 less than the $1,199 M2 model—though the M2 gets even more valuable in its improved configuration with faster storage. Even in 2022, the M1 MacBook Air is still a great everyday laptop for working. Sure, it’s stuck with an awesome webcam and just two USB-C ports for all the accessories and charging, but it’s hard to beat this laptop for performance on a budget. read our review,

The MacBook Air is the most impressive laptop I've used in years

MacBook Air with M1 (Late 2020)

The MacBook Air is Apple’s entry-level laptop, which comes with the company’s new M1 chip and one of three different colors (Silver, Space Gray and Gold).

Here’s another Apple-imminent deal for you. The Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds are available refurbished in pink from Voot for $99.99. This half discount gives a nice $100 off their regular price. I know refurb earbuds might not be in everyone’s bag, but there’s a 30-day return window if you change your mind and a one-year third-party warranty.

The Beats Fit Pro is one of the best earbuds you can buy today, especially if you want a lot of active noise cancellation in a fitness-ready earbud. These buds outperform the AirPods Pro in several ways, except that their USB-C charging case is a bit larger and lacks wireless charging. Still, it has Apple’s own H1 chip for easy pairing with iPhones, iPads, and Macs. read our review,

Beats Fit Pro (Upgraded)

The Beats Fit Pro earbuds have integrated wing tips to help keep them secure during runs and workouts. They also have excellent noise cancellation, and their sound has just the right amount of bass and kick to keep you motivated.

We may be just two weeks away from Samsung’s next foldable phone, but in the meantime, Best Buy has great prices on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 with two of the three major carriers. You can get the Flip 3 with 128GB of storage for $299.99 ($700 off) with activation on Verizon or $399.99 ($600 off) with activation at AT&T.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is as traditional as a foldable phone gets today. Its 6.7-inch 120Hz screen folds in half for an easily pocketable device with a 1.9-inch external screen for viewing information. While durability may be the weak point of most modern foldables, the Flip 3 does have some water resistance.

The big elephant in the room is that its replacement and a new Galaxy Z Fold 4 are just around the corner, with the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event scheduled for August 10th. You can also put in a free, non-commit reservation for the new Flip and get up to $200 in credit from Samsung if you want the upcoming phone, earbuds, and smartwatch as a bundle of Galaxies (or just an upcoming Galaxy). $100 credit for the foldable). read our review,

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (128GB)

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a foldable phone with a non-foldable price tag. The unique, water-resistant device comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and 120Hz display along with 5G support.

If you’re not tired of using a mirrorless camera as your Zoom webcam like some of us, the Elgato Cam Link 4K is down to $99.99 on Amazon and Best Buy. That’s $30 off the regular price of $129.99 for one of the best HDMI to USB dongles capable of 4K output.

I joke about using it as a webcam, but Cam Link is an excellent tool for streaming and recording video. This allows all types of DSLR and mirrorless cameras to transmit a clean video signal via HDMI allowing for easy use with Windows or macOS. It’s a favorite option for many Twitch streamers who want their face cams to have better sharpness, color, and background blur. Plus, Cam Link can make up for the shortcomings of a bad webcam in a 4K monitor. Our own Cameron Faulkner touched on this topic lightly in a recent episode Vergecast When asked by a listener how to find your ideal monitor – because many monitors have bad webcams.

Elgato Cam Link 4K

Elgato’s Cam Link 4K lets you turn your DSLR, mirrorless or action camera into a webcam for your computer.

More deals on Monday:

  • The GoVie Dreamview TV bias light that mimics on-screen colors using a tiny camera mounted on the TV is on a one-day deal from Best Buy for $64.99 (a $225 off). This version ranges in size for the set from 55-inches to 65-inches. read our review,
  • Mophie’s 3-in-1 7.5W Wireless Charger for Apple Devices is only $64.99 (50 percent off) at Best Buy for today. It’s not as fancy as Mophie’s new MagSafe-compatible charger, and it doesn’t charge as fast (half the MagSafe’s top speed), but it’s an affordable bedside charger for Qi-enabled iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watches.

  • The old Fujifilm XF 23mm f/1.4R lens is $799 ($100 off) for today only from Adorama and B&H Photo. It’s not quite as sharp or well-rounded as its weather-resistant replacement, but it’s still a great, sharp 35mm-equivalent focal length on the Fujifilm X-cameras.
  • If you need to stock up on some basic SD cards for your mirrorless camera, B&H Photo has a one-day deal priced on the Lexar 128GB UHS-I SDXC card. They’re only $19.99 when added to your cart, although you need to spend $49 for free shipping.

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