This re-imagining of the Game Boy looks like a prototype Nintendo could have built

Imagine If Nintendo Made a Game Boy Advance Without It advance Part. That’s what video game console and handheld modder Obirx did: they created a new original Game Boy handheld that retained the 1989 model’s aesthetic language but used it as a horizontally controlled system similar to the Sega Game Gear, the original GBA, and many modern handhelds. has been reproduced in. systems, including Nintendo Switch (via gizmodo,

The creation has been named the Game Boy DMG-0B “Prototype”, a tribute to the original model number of the Game Boy DMG-01, where DMG stands for Dot Matrix Game. Obirx has a brief list of what happened in this modification: It required the sacrifice of two original Game Boy shells and extra plastic, padding, and paint/dye. Then the original screen/front PCB board was removed and replaced with a modified version of the PCB that comes with a replacement IPS screen kit – a modern screen upgrade that provides a much clearer image with backlighting. It’s a solid upgrade over the fine-for-it-time dot matrix screen and its odd contrast quality. The screen can also output different colors, allowing for a semi-colour look, including a green color palette that echoes the original dot matrix display.

Not only was the screen upgraded, but the battery was upgraded as well. Obirx dropped the four AA battery arrangement and replaced it with a Li-ion battery, which not only saves a ton of space, but also means the cells won’t have to be disassembled into opposite ends of the handheld like Sega’s How the Game Gear had six AA batteries is divided into two housing sections. Other components like buttons and ports were reused and moved around the case. It even has a barrel power connector instead of the USB plug that other Game Boy modders have used, adding to the authentic retro exterior look of the handheld.

Obirx describes himself as “an artist producing unique playable works” and has works in production in London. Many of the mods produced by Obirx end up for sale on their website, seemingly including the Wideboy we just saw – although, like everything else on the site, it’s already “sold out.”

I’d personally prefer one of Obirx’s GameCube PC mods, because I’m a stickler for all things GameCube: like this spice orange Switch dock made by Littlewolf128 or the Wavebird joycons made by Shank. Plus, it would be really cool to see one of these GameCube handhelds with a real working slot-loaded disc drive.

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