Fogbound on Devon Island for a month on 'Mars'

The closest actual weather station is in Resolute Bay, which is about a hundred miles and frequently a complete weather system away.

We awoke to slightly brighter (though still mostly cloudy) skies and temperatures that had risen by about ten degrees.

We began preparing for a long drive and possible weather changes along the way. Water, energy snacks, and first-aid supplies

The EDGES team made their way out to their radio astronomy experiment, now known as the EDGES Arctic Radio Telescope or "EAR," in the morning.

Pascal worked on his own research projects while the EDGES team continued to evaluate their data.

Sawan finished his inventory of medical supplies on-base, and John Schutt continued to appear all over camp, fixing one thing or another.

Everyone on the team is expected to contribute; mine was about my 2016 book "Amazing Stories of the Space Age,

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