Air Force Secret Plane Hypersonic Bomber

The United States Air Force lost an F-111 supersonic jet in Libyan airspace on April 14, 1986.

 The aircraft had taken part in a retaliatory airstrike against Libyan terrorists who had attacked American servicemembers,

The next day, April 15, the Air Force sent another plane into Libyan airspace to assess the damage for US intelligence officers. 

There was only one aircraft capable of such a daring flight: pilots referred to it as the Habu, or pit viper,

The SR-71 was developed as a "black project" in complete secrecy, and it was designed around a simple concept

the SR-71's pilot, Libyan missiles were launched into the sky as soon as the Blackbird crossed the line of death.

 The SR-71 climbed above 70,000 feet to avoid being hit by rockets from below.

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