Airbus European Module is Ready to Fly

The Artemis SLS rocket is atop the first significant space system component not made in the US.

Although the booster of the Artemis Space Launch System (SLS) rocket contains numerous recycled Space Shuttle parts, the booster's cargo is not a shuttle.

As an alternative, Artemis transports the Orion capsule for its occupants, which is transported by a service module made available by the newest NASA supplier Airbus.

According to Ralf Zimmermann, head of moon programmes for Airbus, "NASA has never before trusted a non-US enterprise to make such a big contribution to a mission.

He notes that the business has been producing spaceships for 60 years.

Nearly four years ago, in late 2018, Microsoft first agreed to work with the military to create HoloLens goggles with combat modifications.

Airbus provided five Automated Transfer Vehicles and built the Columbus External Payload Facility for the International Space Station.

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