Alien-hunting catches Voyager 1 

NASA's Voyager 1 mission, a satellite launched 45 years ago, sent a signal that was picked up by the Allen Telescope Array in California.

It is presently moving quickly past Pluto's orbit and toward the solar system's furthest that is currently speeding toward the outer edges of the solar system, way beyond the orbit of Pluto..

California's Allen Telescope Array (ATA), a freshly upgraded radio observatory, is located close to San Francisco.

Employing 20 of its 42 dish antennas, the Voyager 1 spacecraft made contact with Earth on July 9 as part of the quest for extraterrestrial life.

15 minutes of data were captured by the telescope, according to a release.

"The discovery of Voyager 1, the furthest object made by humans, using the upgraded Allen Telescope Array."

an exceptional demonstration of the telescope's capabilities and qualities, as well as a picture of the extraordinary effort made by the ATA team

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