Apple's Education Community is a free teaching resource that is currently in beta.

Apple's most recent effort to assist educators in using the iPad, iPhone, or Mac in the classroom is the updated and still free Apple Education Community.

The community will benefit teachers, digital learning professionals, IT administrators, and school leaders alike.

Only educators in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and New Zealand will be able to access Apple's new community in English.

In addition to the Learning Center, the Community expands on other Apple projects such as the Learning Coach platform.

Educators can use over 120 tutorials to learn how to use the built-in Apple apps and features on their iPad and Mac.

The Forum contains sections such as General Topics, Teaching & Learning, Coaching, Leadership, Deployment & Management, and Apple Groups.

These services provide users with professional development tools to help them in their jobs, and according to Apple,

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