Artemis 1: 10 wild facts of NASA

The Artemis 1 mission will launch into deep space on a mission designed to push the capabilities of the rocket and spacecraft.

A bold trip to the moon is being undertaken by Artemis 1.

There is a current Artemis 1 mission. The ambitious moon mission of the Orion spacecraft will be launched into deep space by the Space Launch System (SLS) megarocket.

In preparation for the crewed Artemis 2 voyage around the moon and the Artemis 3 landing mission, NASA intends to test everything to the absolute extent.

The CIA expects that its Artemis programme may eventually

will aid in the development of systems for Mars exploration.

Artemis 1 will need to accomplish a number of challenging goals.This is a paragrap This is a paragrap This is a paragrap This is a paragrap This is a paragrap 

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