Astronaut explains the mystery of the 'bright dot' seen from space on Earth.

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station reported seeing a bright dot shining in the middle of Earth's desert.

Seeing spots of light above the Earth during the day is much more unusual.

Thursday, the Italian astronaut tweeted. "It's so unusual to see man-made lights during the day!"

"It's a concentrated solar power plant, one of the technologies for harvesting solar energy."

According to Cristoforetti, the bright dot was caused by the Ashalim Solar Thermal Power Station.

The ESA astronaut's tweet, which featured a stunning view of Earth from space, was widely shared on the microblogging platform, Twitter.

Cristoforetti's second mission to the International Space Station is called Minerva. She arrived at the Station for the first time in 2014 for Mission Futura.

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