Astronomers have discovered an extrasolar world that may be completely submerged in a deep ocean.

TOI-1452 b, an exoplanet orbiting one of two small stars in a binary system in the Draco constellation about 100 light-years from Earth

The exoplanet, which is slightly larger and heavier than Earth, is located at a distance from its star

 Astronomers believe it could be a "ocean planet," a planet completely covered in water. 

 "We were able to detect this one-of-a-kind exoplanet thanks to the OMM, a special instrument designed in our labs called SPIRou, 

The discovery of this exoplanet was made possible by NASA's TESS space telescope,

Scientists predicted a planet 70% larger than Earth based on the TESS signal, which showed a slight decrease in brightness every 11 days.

"The OMM was critical in confirming the nature of this signal and estimating the planet's radius," Cadieux explained.

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