audio from a black hole 240 million light-years away

Most people imagine a black hole as a huge terrifying mass of energy that sucks the life out of the universe!

Well, NASA's exoplanets Twitter account released an audio clip of what a black hole 240 million light years away sounds like this week.

The words creepy and chilling don't do it justice because it literally sounds like the souls of stars and planets are being sucked out of the universe!

NASA released the audio to dispel the myth that there is no sound in space because it is a vacuum with no way for sound waves to travel.

The sound was picked up by the agency from a galaxy cluster with a lot of gas, according to the agency.

The actual sound is too low for humans to hear, so you wouldn't hear it if you were close to the black hole.

NASA amplified the sound and mixed it with other black data to make it audible.

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