Bright fireball over Madrid traced backs

A unusually bright meteor observed in Earth's skies on July 31 has been traced back to a comet that generated a debris field.

Scientists believe that the fragment that exploded like a fireball over Madrid, Spain, was a meteor.

The annual Alpha Capricornid meteor shower is caused by the comet, an ice body that loses debris as it passes.

Despite the fact that the little fragment and the light display produced when it was destroyed in Earth's atmosphere posed no harm,Why Camping  5 Reasons Why Camping 

In a statement(opens in new tab), the European Space Agency (ESA) stated that the meteor is a "cautionary tale."

This is due to showers of microscopic particles left by larger things that have already passed near to our planet and may do so again.

A stream of ancient material is ejected into space by sublimation.

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