Can solar storms cause tsunamis

The sun has a temper, which it frequently displays in the form of solar storms

spew gobs of plasma swarming with charged particles that can seriously disrupt satellites, the internet, and GPS on Earth.

With all the devastation these raging tantrums are capable of, could they actually cause a tsunami on Earth?

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(opens in new tab), for a tsunami to be unleashed on Earth

here must be an earthquake beneath the ocean floor that displaces water and generates a massive, ultra-fast wave through the entire water column (NOAA). 

These earthquakes are caused by the same tectonic plate movement that causes volcanoes to erupt and cities to shake.

However terrifying it may appear for Earth to be bombarded by plasmatic winds caused by a solar flare (an intense burst of electromagnetic radiation from the sun)

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