Carbon dioxide detected in alien world

For the first time, carbon dioxide has been identified in an alien world.The discovery of the first exoplanet by the Webb telescope could help scientists comprehend how planets develop.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has been discovered in the atmosphere of a Saturn-sized planet 700 light-years away, marking the first unambiguous detection of the gas beyond the Solar System

The James Webb Space Telescope's discovery sheds light on how the planet evolved

The study also demonstrates how rapidly Webb can identify a slew of other chemicals, like as methane and ammonia, that could indicate a planet's potential for life

According to Nikku Madhusudhan of the University of Cambridge, who was not involved in the work, Webb is "ushering in this new era of exoplanet atmospheric science."

The Webb telescope is sensitive to light wavelengths in the infrared that are mostly obstructed by the Earth's atmosphere

Its ability to bring the universe's most distant stars and galaxies into view has already astounded astronomers.

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