CD Projekt plans new Witcher games

Earlier this year, CD Projekt Red announced The Witcher 4 the start of a new "saga" for The Witcher—which now appears to be a trilogy.

"We said there would be a new saga. We have more than one in mind, "During a financial earnings call today, CEO Adam Kiciski stated.

The first saga was three games," Kiciski explained, "so now we're thinking about more than one game.

we are currently in pre-production on the first game in the second Witcher saga.

Kiciski reiterated that the current sequel is being developed in Unreal Engine 5, which represents a significant departure from CD Projekt's own internal tools.

According to CD Projekt's long-term planning, the first game in its new saga could plant seeds for future entries, most likely far more deliberately than the original Witcher did.

The Witcher 2 provided more connective tissue for The Witcher 3, including save files that carried over your relationships with various characters (and whether or not they were still alive).

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