Chrysler 300C Is The Last Of Its Kind

With the powerful 2023 Chrysler 300, everything went just as we had expected. 

 The nameplate that has been brought back for one more run is the long-forgotten 300C, 

 not a "SRT" or a "Hellcat." The Chrysler 300 sedan will officially cease production in 2023,

and we applaud their decision to bring back the "C" badge. Chrysler has done its best to make the outmoded sedan enticing, 

despite our concerns that it will be a lacklustre rebirth.

It not only has the renowned 392 HEMI V8, but it also has vintage exterior characteristics that transport us to the era of the "Chrysler 300C." This V8 is not particularly unique.

America last received a 300C with performance-specifications during the first generation of the Chrysler 300's production in 2005. A second-gen model existed,

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