Conor Coach Tried to Talk Him Nate Diaz

Even though Conor McGregor might want another chance to fight Nate Diaz, those close to him don't feel the same way.

UFC President Dana White makes an alternative suggestion, telling SportsCenter on ESPN

He was urged by several to let his wounds heal and go back to 145 pounds.

"After the fight, Lorenzo and I walked up to Conor's home, which he rents out here in Las Vegas, and we began conversing... He became fixated on battling Nate Diaz once more.

We attempted to dispute with him by saying, "Let's go back down to '45 and defend your title," but he ignored us.

But he desires to compete at 170. Even [John] Kavanagh, his coach, pleaded with him to withdraw from this rematch.

off the 170-pound contest, but he wanted it. And he will receive it.

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