Conor don't think should fight Nate Diaz

Those who are close to Conor McGregor don't think he should fight Nate Diaz again. 

Dana White, president of the UFC, says that many wanted him to lick his wounds and go back to 145 pounds, and he makes that suggestion nonetheless. 

"Lorenzo [Fertitta] and I walked up to Conor's house, which he rents out here in Las Vegas, and we started talking after the fight...

And he was fixated, fixated on facing Nate Diaz once more," White added (transcription courtesy of

Naturally, Lorenzo and I attempted to reason with him by telling him, "Let's go back down to '45 and defend your title,

or if you truly want the Diaz fight that badly, do it at '55. But he desires to compete at 170. also his

McGregor was shockingly defeated in UFC 196. Although McGregor came into the battle as the favourite, 

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