Cyberpunk Update not Include Plus Mode

Lead Level Designer for Cyberpunk 2077 Miles Tost expanded on the subject, pointing out how adding a New Game Plus

There will be much testing and tuning as the entire game (enemies, tools, and stuff) is rebalanced;

What occurs here when a skill check is made during gaming or dialogue? How would we handle/balance the points for attributes and perks?

Does early-game cyberware introduce any novelties? Can the player use doublejump to reach places they shouldn't?

What occurs if you receive your first Grip from Vik's but have gorilla fists? Possibly the entire section where you can see the surgery with your hand needs to be redone.

Some of the solutions might even be straightforward, but for us, we'd have to check every aspect of the game.

It's regrettably not as simple as letting you begin a new game with your current V and calling it a day.

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