Dr. Z NASA chief step down after 6 years

The chief of NASA's Science Mission Directorate for more than six years, Thomas Zurbuchen, also known as Dr. Z, 

 revealed on Tuesday that he would be leaving his position later in 2022. (Sept. 13).

Under Zurbuchen's direction, successful missions took off all throughout the solar system.

 Ingenuity, the first Mars helicopter, flew for the first time in April of that year, exhibiting a "extraterrestrial Wright Brothers moment," as Zurbuchen once described the journey. 

Ingenuity touched down on Mars in February 2021 alongside the Perseverance rover, another well-known NASA mission that searches for life.

In the latter half of 2021, the long overdue James Webb Space Telescope launched almost faultlessly into orbit. 

 The massive observatory, which is now operating in a gravitationally stable location about 1.5 million miles away

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