Drone Contraband Delivery at US Prisons

A CAR was stopped by two men on August 26, 2019, around 1:30 in the morning in rural Georgia, 100 yards from Telfair State Prison.

a Spektrum video monitor with DVR headset, 14 cell phones, 75 grammes of loose tobacco, and four rounds of unloaded ammo.

They had a straightforward strategy that they had been working on for more than a month: fly the drone over the prison walls, drop the cargo, and then fly out into the night unnoticed.

However, they attracted the notice of deputies from the Telfair County Sheriff's office stationed nearby when they turned off the car lights.

When a deputy approached the car to question the driver, the driver revealed that he was travelling with two other males.

The two individuals who had fled to the woods were later recognised as Nicolas Lo and Cheikh Hassane Toure, and they were apprehended.

After entering pleas of guilty to their involvement in the conspiracy, they received sentences of 12 months in federal prison.

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