A dwarf planet collision may have brought unusual ultra-hard diamonds to Earth.

The hexagonal diamonds, also known as lonsdaleite, belong to a rare class of meteorites that could have originated in the mantle of a dwarf planet.

Whereas diamond's carbon atoms are arranged in a cubic shape, lonsdaleite's carbon atoms are arranged in hexagons.

In 1967, Lonsdaleite was discovered in the Canyon Diablo meteorite.

According to the new findings, the hexagonal structure of lonsdaleite makes it harder than regular diamonds with a cubic structure.

"There is compelling evidence for a newly discovered formation process for lonsdaleite and regular diamond."

Scientists believe that lonsdaleite in meteorites formed from a supercritical liquid at high temperatures and pressures.

The lonsdaleite was able to retain the shape and texture of graphite due to its extreme environment.

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