Dynamic Island push to better status bar

Many people were upset when Apple introduced "the notch" with the iPhone X, but the firm stuck by it and even welcomed it. 

With the iPhone 14 Pro, we now have "Dynamic Island," a cutout that has been redesigned and is highly functional thanks to software.

If you're unfamiliar, Dynamic Island is a region that expands and contracts around the notch and displays important information like the song currently playing,

 a call notice, and the distance of your cab journey. For a more visual representation, see the video below.

The phone's hardware consists of two cutouts, one in the shape of a pill and the other like a hole punch, separated by a small space. 

Apple has deftly concealed that gap with black pixels in all of the footage we have seen so far. 

The iPhone 14 Pro's OLED screen has the ability to turn off specific pixels.

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