Epic Games Store Free Games This Week 

The freebies for this week have been made available on the Epic Games Store, and gamers can now download ARK: 

 Survival Evolved and Gloomhaven until September 29 at 8:30 PM. Players do not need to make a purchase 

 in order to add these games to their library and download them, and they are not required to add a payment method to their accounts.

As long as you continue to have an Epic Titles account, the games will remain in your library once they have been added. 

 ARK: Survival Evolved has developed into one of the most well-known survival-action games available right now,

Grand Theft Auto V, the game that really got things going, is only one of many excellent titles that have been given away for free 

Grand Theft Auto V was given away for free on the Epic Games Store in 2020, which wreaked havoc online.

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