Every Nintendo Switch Game At PAX

The massive Seattle video game festival PAX West is this weekend.

Being a website devoted to Nintendo, we're most curious about what will be available on Switch.

especially after the somewhat disappointing Nintendo-free showfloor at Gamescom

Here is a list of every game shown at PAX West that will be released for the Nintendo Switch, however there may be more that haven't been shown yet.

Some of these games are currently available on the Switch, but they are attending PAX to showcase updates, DLC, or other fresh content.

There may be a sale or a free demo during PAX, which takes place from September 2 to September 5. Additionally, there may be any special merchandise or content on the showfloor. Enjoy!

Demonschool, Melatonin, No Place for Bravery, DLC for Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, Shovel Knight Dig Exophobia, not being human, My Experience at Sandrock, Odyssey of Harmony and Terror

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