NASA and Boeing aim for the first crew flight of the Starliner spacecraft in February.

NASA and Boeing have set February as the launch date for the first piloted test flight of the Starliner commercial crew capsule.

The first flight of the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft to the station took off from Cape Canaveral on May 19 atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket.

According to Mark Nappi, the uncrewed demonstration mission known as Orbital Flight Test-2 was "very successful."

A previous orbital test flight, known as OFT-1, was aborted in 2019 due to a software issue that prevented the capsule from reaching the space station.

Boeing has developed two reusable Starliner crew modules that have been outfitted with new service modules for the reach mission.

The crew module that flew on the OFT-1 mission in 2019 will take to the skies again on the Crew Flight Test.

The Starliner Crew Flight Test will be led by NASA astronaut Butch Wilmore, a veteran US Navy test pilot, space shuttle pilot, and space station commander.

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