Former NASA administrator criticizes'schizophrenic' US space policy toward Russia

Jim Bridenstine and Charles Bolden, two former NASA administrators, described a strained relationship with the major International Space Station (ISS)

As a result of Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, many of its space partnerships have weakened or been dissolved.

It conducted an anti-satellite missile test in November 2021, resulting in a cloud of new debris that repeatedly threatened the ISS.

They demanded a close examination of the agency's international partnerships during the ongoing Artemis moon exploration programme.

Congress, quite frankly, is to blame for any gaps in low-Earth orbit because they were negligent in developing a replacement for the International Space Station.

Bolden served as administrator during a previous invasion of Ukraine in 2014, during which Russia seized Crimea.

the chilly Rogozin famously joked that NASA should send its astronauts to space on trampolines rather than the Soyuz.

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