Fort Myer braces for Tropical Storm Ian

The calm before the storm is here. Along the seaside, not only are the sky clear, but so are the seasoned locals who are accustomed to hurricanes.

Michael-Ann Searls declared, "We're ready to go, the shutters are up.

For Searls and her husband, hurricane preparations have been made. To make the most of the sunshine, the two headed down to Lovers Key State Park beach.

It has truly been lovely and peaceful, Searls stated. "You wouldn't even believe anything was about to happen."

Others in the centre of Fort Myers Beach experienced the same emotion.

Rees Davidson admitted, "I'd say I'm probably a little apprehensive, but it seems like with how calm everyone else is, I feel a little bit better."

Tropical Storm Ian might significantly damage Fort Myers Beach. Everyone we spoke with said they were prepared for whatever the weather has in store.

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